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InterContinental Hotel in Geneva

August 12, 2016
Intercontinental - where to stay in Geneva - travel blog

Geneva was the first city in the world that introduced the concept of modern tourism. It means that Geneva was the first city where visitors came to enjoy its hotels and landscapes. The first tourists who came to the city years ago enjoyed its beautiful nature, thermal springs and the view at Montblanc. This is how the new tradition began. Since then, many luxurious 5-star hotels, including InterContinental, were built in Geneva. Even though I chose to spend an active…

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Switzerland Travel Diaries

In Geneva

August 2, 2016
mont saleve paragliding in geneva travel blog siniciliya

Just a few hours after I arrived in Geneva, I took a taxi to France to fly back to Geneva again. Only this time, I was not supposed to travel in a comfortable business class in a FlyUIA airplane. This time, I planned to fly by a paraglide. Mont Saleve is seen from everywhere in Geneva. And this is where I went to take a cable car, going up the steepest slope I’ve ever seen in my life. The view…

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Editorial Ukraine

THE MOMENT – Official Opening Ceremony of the Photography Exhibition

June 15, 2016
What to do in Hong Kong guide travel blog causeway bay times square siniciliya veronica pototska Вероника Потоцкая

I am very happy to share with you one of my happiest moments in 2016. On May 16 I opened my first personal travel photography exhibition called “THE MOMENT”. When I travel the world I know that the best way to explore the new place is to stop for a moment and observe. I like feeling the moment, watching people around, hearing sounds, feeling scents and air. Then I know that the best moment is happening now, it will never…

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Hong Kong Travel Diaries

The Big Buddha

May 4, 2016
ngong ping village big buddha Hing Kong Crystal cabin veronica pototska siniciliya

The Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha is located on Lantau island in Hong Kong and is known for being the city’s tourist landmark. Sometimes the statue looks very mystical, hiding its head in Hong Kong’s fog, and sometimes, during those rare sunny days, one can clearly see every detail of it. This is probably one of Hong Kong’s most sacred and serene place. People bring their dreams, hopes and faith, they come here to pray. This…

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Hong Kong Lifestyle Travel Diaries

Aqua Luna

April 9, 2016
Hong Kong Aqua Luna Siniciliya Veronica Pototska Гонконг Вероника Потоцкая

Just imagine a city that made a big step into the future, but kept the old traditions in the hearts of its millions. Hong Kong has learned a lot from the many cultures that it interacts with every day, but it has kept its uniqueness and authenticity. As you walk by the seafront at Victoria Harbour, you will see an old wooden boat that is called a “junk” locally, with bright red sails smoothly cruising between Hong Kong Island and…

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Hong Kong Travel Diaries Where I stayed

J Plus By Yoo

April 5, 2016
where to stay in hong kong j plus hotel by yoo siniciliya veronica pototska вероника потоцкая travel blog

Most often the hotel where you stay defines the mood and quality of your entire journey to a new city or country. Each hotel has its own style, history, temper and vibes, some of them welcome you as their guests, whereas others are purely about business. I was planning a trip to Hong Kong two years before I finally got a chance to visit this city. At this time, I also researched many hotels and there was one that stood…

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Hong Kong Travel Diaries

In Hong Kong

March 27, 2016
What to do in Hong Kong guide travel blog causeway bay times square siniciliya veronica pototska Вероника Потоцкая

From my very first steps in the airport of Hong Kong, it was clear that this city isn’t similar to any other. Beautiful, elegant, clean, chaotic, strict, magnificent, authentic, filled with street food flavors and thousands of different sounds – this was my first impression of Hong Kong and this is how it will stay in my memory. Having left the airport, we went to the central area of Hong Kong Island known as Causaway Bay or Times Square. A…

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Adventures Philippines Travel Diaries

Island Hopping in Palawan

March 21, 2016
El Nido Siniciliya Northernhopetours Veronica Pototska Вероника Потоцкая

Having spent the first day exploring islands surrounding El Nido, my husband and I decided to travel inland on the island the next day. We knew that there were many natural treasures hidden in it – rarely visited underground caves in the lush evergreen jungles, mountains showing their verdant peaks and waterfalls. We rented vintage Honda Scoopy mopeds and left the town towards the new adventure that was waiting for us. Behind every turn of the serpentine road, cutting through…

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Outfits Philippines Travel Diaries

El Nido

March 14, 2016
El Nido Siniciliya Northernhopetours Veronica Pototska Вероника Потоцкая

Can you think of a tropical paradise where hundreds of islands are covered with soft white sand and surrounded by azure water? Just imagine yourself in one of the dreamy islands, alone or with a loved one. Close your eyes and try to feel warm sun gently touching your face and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Opening your eyes you notice shimmer coming from the surface of the South China Sea. The water is a clear shade of turquoise…

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Who To Follow On Instagram

March 12, 2016

If you are in desperate need of inspiration and fresh air from different continents, coming from oceans and deserts, here is a list of beautiful travel accounts owned by adventurous girls. Enjoy 🙂 Siniciliya – is an account owned by a travel blogger and photographer from Ukraine Veronica Pototska. Her photography is filled  with colors, light and happiness. She’s been to over 50 countries, including India, Nepal, USA, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and much more. Enjoying an early breakfast…

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