10 Tips for Saving On Your Prom Dress

June 15, 2015

If you’re in high school, it’s going to get to that time of year: snazzy dinners, limos, a few floral arrangements and, of course, the prom dresses. As teens across the country prepare to descend on banquet halls come prom season, parents brace themselves for a price sticker shock.

Before we talk about the budget tips on how to shop for a prom dress, have you ever wondered about how you can prepare for the biggest night in your teen life? You need to prepare for prom months before the event to ensure that everything will go as planned. So, check out this timeline for some helpful tips on how you can prepare to be your most beautiful you in your prom night.

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After browsing the timeline, you realized that you need at least 5 months to get all your tasks done. Since prom is one of the highlights in your teenage life, there are so many things to do. That is why it is crucially important to start your preparation as early as possible. As you are preparing for prom, don’t forget to save money for your prom dress, too.

Buying a sensational and unforgettable prom dress from a trustworthy online store like the Prom Dress Shop, does not have to be a wallet-shattering activity. There are actually plenty of ways to offset the cost of your prom dress without even sacrificing style.

Here, we discuss several money saving tips for your special night.

1. Look for Something Classic

One of the first, and most important, lessons in being frugal about prom is being versatile. This means you want to be able to wear your prom dress over and over again. By choosing something classic that can be adapted for different occasions, you will enjoy incredible value. Look out for basic gowns in simple, yet classic, colors including grey, navy and black. You can then tailor your dress for prom night with killer heels and statement jewelry in bolder and flashier hues.

2. Consider Consignment Shopping

A lot of teenagers decide to sell their prom dresses off through the local consignment shops. This gives girls on a budget a great chance of finding a beautiful dress at a mere fraction of its original price. You can cut your costs down even further by selling clothes that are sitting in your cupboard that you no longer wear. Try selling them to the same second-hand reseller to earn credit towards a future dress purchase from them. Some consignment shops are even tailored to teenagers.

3. Start Getting Creative

You probably already know that it is a good idea to start looking at the sale racks early, especially in the department stores. But here’s something you not have thought about: discount gift cards. Some sites allow you to purchase store gift cards at less than face value. So you could get a $60 for $40, yielding a really good saving even before you head to the store.

4. Enjoy Savings at Bridal Stores

Okay, you will probably want to avoid a full-on wedding dress on your prom night. However, bridal shops do carry a wonderful range of beautiful bridesmaid dresses that are ideal for prom. Again, head straight for the sales rack and don’t overlook floor-length dresses when you first walk in. You could always get them altered for a shorter, more modern look and still come out ahead of your budget.

5. Consider Renting Designer Duds

If the realities of those designer price tags are really crushing your dress dreams, you could always consider renting a dress. There are online stores that offer designer dress and accessory rentals for savings of as much as 90 percent off the retail prices. Every rental will typically include two sizes to make sure that you get the right fit at no additional cost. These kinds of places also usually include a wide variety of floor-length gowns and cocktail styles.

6. Try for Employee Discounts

If you need a part-time job (whether it’s to save for your dream dress or earn a little cash anyway), why not apply to work in department and dress stores that stock the kind of prom dresses you have had your eye on? There’s a big benefit to doing this: employees often receive significant discounts off the store’s merchandise. Some specialty shops may even be willing to provide you with a free prom dress in return for your part-time help. You never know!

7. Organize a Dress Swop

Many high schools are happy to organize dress swops. This can help students cut the costs of formal attire significantly. It’s the perfect opportunity to trade your gently worn dresses for a brand new dress at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, you’ll feel great knowing someone else feels sensational in a dress you no longer have a use for.

8. Hit the Thrift Stores

Prom really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find beautiful dresses at thrift stores, department stores and consignment shops. You could even find something amazing online at a fraction of the store price. You could also look into whether your local church or youth groups have dress swops, too. Don’t forget to ask your friends, sisters and cousins. Many fancy dresses are only worn once so they may really good hand-me-downs.

9. Those Clearance Racks

Some girls have gotten then beautiful prom dresses from department store clearance racks for as little as $18. The dress may have a small issue, like a rip in the seam or some other little problem, but it is easy enough to sew it up. Look for larger department stores that have clearance sections offering amazing bargains.

10. Try Advertising

How about placing an ad in your local paper? There is a great deal of social organizations that require formal dresses for meetings. Members often don’t really know where to get rid of their formal attire if there aren’t local places to sell them. When you place your ad, be sure to indicate your size. You’ll soon find you have a pipeline to someone of the same size who wears formal dresses.

It is really easy to buy a prom dress on a budget and still look like a million dollars. You just have to know how! These 10 tips should be a great starting point for you, and your pockets.

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  • Reply Sheri June 28, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    Although I am already past the prom age, I really do wish I had been given some excellent tips like these for my prom. I would have been able to plan better and to save for my prom dress. I especially love the suggestion about bridal stores! Great tip!. The links you provided are also excellent sources for finding that perfect dress! After all, you only get to go to prom once. I will pin this post as it is sure to help moms or sisters who are always asked to tag along for shopping for prom dresses.

  • Reply Liana June 29, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Those are such excellent tips and I wish I’d have some like this when it as my prom. I was never such a big lover of such a party and my prom wasn’t that good, but I had a great dress, and I had fun so that’s a big thumb for why I keep good memories of this time! I’m such above this; but I love that you’re giving such genuine advice regarding the purchase and how to be organized when you want to have the perfect night!

  • Reply Ann June 30, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    These are great tips! I think it’s extra valuable to learn these money saving tips because many of them can be applied for other fancy-dress celebrations in the future. Also, teens buying prom dresses through these tips will grow up to understand that you can still have a great time without spending a ton of money. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Reply Vyjay Rao July 1, 2016 at 5:44 am

    Sensible and practical tips, will pass these on to my wife, she has so many expensive silk Sarees 🙂

  • Reply Star Lengas | 87pages July 2, 2016 at 12:57 am

    These are great tips that can be used for formal occasions, as a military spouse we have formal balls to attend and I’ve definitely used these tips. Consignment shops can be your best friend! Great post!

  • Reply Blair Villanueva July 4, 2016 at 2:30 am

    Although I’m already passed with the prom age, I like the idea of choosing the classic colors and design, because you can still re-use it at other occasion, plus not too much beadworks..

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