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In Hong Kong

March 27, 2016
What to do in Hong Kong guide travel blog causeway bay times square siniciliya veronica pototska Вероника Потоцкая

From my very first steps in the airport of Hong Kong, it was clear that this city isn’t similar to any other. Beautiful, elegant, clean, chaotic, strict, magnificent, authentic, filled with street food flavors and thousands of different sounds – this was my first impression of Hong Kong and this is how it will stay in my memory. Having left the airport, we went to the central area of Hong Kong Island known as Causaway Bay or Times Square. A…

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Adventures Philippines Travel Diaries

Island Hopping in Palawan

March 21, 2016
El Nido Siniciliya Northernhopetours Veronica Pototska Вероника Потоцкая

Having spent the first day exploring islands surrounding El Nido, my husband and I decided to travel inland on the island the next day. We knew that there were many natural treasures hidden in it – rarely visited underground caves in the lush evergreen jungles, mountains showing their verdant peaks and waterfalls. We rented vintage Honda Scoopy mopeds and left the town towards the new adventure that was waiting for us. Behind every turn of the serpentine road, cutting through…

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Outfits Philippines Travel Diaries

El Nido

March 14, 2016
El Nido Siniciliya Northernhopetours Veronica Pototska Вероника Потоцкая

Can you think of a tropical paradise where hundreds of islands are covered with soft white sand and surrounded by azure water? Just imagine yourself in one of the dreamy islands, alone or with a loved one. Close your eyes and try to feel warm sun gently touching your face and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. Opening your eyes you notice shimmer coming from the surface of the South China Sea. The water is a clear shade of turquoise…

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Lifestyle Philippines Travel Diaries Where I stayed

Mi Casa

March 4, 2016
Casa Santa Barbara Philippines Siniciliya Veronica Pototska Вероника Потоцкая

Mi casa es Su Casa! Today, I would like to invite you to my new home, a house I truly and deeply fell in love with from the very first sight, a house that has become my inspiration, our own small paradise that brought so much happiness into our life in the Philippines. When we were looking for a house to spend the winter in the Philippines, we saw a lot of options. A lot of them were very good,…

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Adventures Lifestyle Philippines Travel Diaries

Roads …

February 28, 2016
tagbilaran bohol banca boat philippines siniciliya вероника потоцкая veronica pototska

Roads … the sound of this word makes me hungrily look around anticipating a new adventure. Since I was a child, the love for the trip meant much more than the arrival. I enjoyed the entire process of watching road markings disappearing under the wheels and flashing scenery passing by on the sides. Freedom and wind … can anyone ever have enough of them? Even now, as I’m writing these lines, my body gets covered in goosebumps and my skin…

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Outfits Philippines Photography Travel Diaries

Postcards From Panglao

February 22, 2016
Panglao Siniciliya Veronica Pototska Philippines Татьяна Ефимова

Postcards are small souvenirs, that captured significant places and moments for us. We always take them, to make sure that special moment stays in our memories. Do you remember how it was years ago? We’d go traveling and buy some postcards to send to our loved ones. We’d want to write so many words on the back, but there was only enough space for a sentence or two. Everything has changed, now you only need to go to a beach,…

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Lifestyle Philippines Travel Diaries

Virgin Island

February 15, 2016
Virgin Island Philippines Siniciliya

Private island … is it a dream, “goals”, lifestyle or reality? I have always dreamt big, even when I was an eight-year-old kid, my dreams were enormous and owning a private island has always been one of them. I even made up a name for it, Siniciliya, yes, that’s right. I got a chance to spend a day at Virgin Island in the Philippines, it is privately owned but open for visiting. Surrounded by cyan and emerald shallows, clearest water…

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Outfits Philippines Travel Diaries

Alona Beach

February 8, 2016
Philippines Bohol Sinciliya Alona Beach Veronica Pototska Вероника Потооцкая

Good morning, today I am checking-in from the most popular Beach in Panglao Island in the Philippines – Alona Beach. We woke up 5 am to catch the first sun rays, enjoy morning coffee and fresh mango juice. I really love being up early, it makes me feel as if I am a few steps ahead of the rest of the world, that is still sleeping and I can see it waking up. Alona Beach is very touristic, with plenty…

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Adventures Lifestyle Philippines Travel Diaries

Paddling through Bohol

February 1, 2016

I have always enjoyed watching photographs of people doing sup boarding, they have looked so authentic, close to nature with some mysterious Native American touch in them. I am still here in the Bohol island in the Philippines and I saw an ad that I could explore a beautiful Loboc river by the most authentic way – paddle or sup board, during which I would be able to see the jungle, waterfall, and local’s huts. After I have experienced 3…

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Philippines Travel Diaries Uncategorized

Chocolate Hills

January 26, 2016
chocolate hills

I have noticed that the best moments are always beyond the boundaries: social, allowed, comfort etc. Once I step out of them, once I cross the line, miracles happen. That’s true, miracles do happen. Today we took our motorcycles and rode 80 km from our beach in Panglao, Philippines across the bridge to the next island Bohol to see a miracle that the scientists still cannot explain – the Chocolate Hills. These are more than 1000 cones that grew in…

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