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Unusual Places in Istanbul

September 25, 2016

Lately, Istanbul has changed a lot. Yes, it has always been big, fast, spry, nimble and chaotic. And yes, it has always been vitally important to breathe and think in Istanbul’s rhythm. Otherwise, it will throw you out. Istanbul has become bitter and desperate. Recent terrorist attacks, the attempted military coup, a tourist embargo with a neighboring country stopped tourists from visiting the city. Hotels in Istanbul are now half empty and the souvenirs in small shops are covered with…

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Lifestyle Outfits Travel Diaries Turkey

The World of Natasha Fishchenko

September 10, 2016

I am very happy to finally announce our collaboration with a talented Ukrainian designer Natasha Fishchenko. We combined our visions of a young woman’s lifestyle and created two dresses perfect for traveling the world. Natasha Fishchenko’s design is inspired by a woman who gracefully bites juicy peaches and aristocratically walks barefoot through the warm puddles. She loves colors and combines prints, and she loves art. She travels around the world with a book in her hands. She is in love…

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Lifestyle Travel Diaries Turkey

In Cappadocia

September 8, 2016
cappadocia sultan cave suites hot air balloons

Some time ago, I saw a picture of a magical place that seemed to exist only in fairy tales, or on a different planet. Hundreds of hot air balloons flew in the sky, people built their homes in the caves and decorated them with colorful hand-woven carpets. They spent their evenings by a fireplace listening to the sound of crackling fire and drank red wine. Every morning with the first rays of burning red sun they took herds of lambs…

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